Top Ten: New Years Resolutions

 From ‘I want‘ to ‘I must’, it seems that making lists are all the rage at the moment. We’ve just about got over the gluttonous marathon that is Christmas, save a few left over pieces of turkey, cold potatoes and butter clad carrots that will likely be stored, yet uneaten, in the fridge until next year. And so, we enter that rather strange period of time between boxing day crackers and New Years Eve fireworks, affectionately known to some as ‘The Crimbo Limbo’.

Fear not people, tomorrow you can gear up for bright light celebrations once more. In the meantime, it’s probably time to start making that futile, but necessary, New Years Resolutions list. Here are some ideas.


1. Say farewell to alcohol for the next 365 days. Apart from a cheeky hair of the dog on 1st January to see in the New Year. Oh, and flutes of champagne on special occasions – you know, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Fridays, Mondays…!

2. Battle the bulge for the last time. It’s not all that difficult, just make a few changes here and there. Grow a few inches taller. Snack on dried fruit and almonds, glitter and dust. Reduce portion sizes. BAM! Hello Size Zero.

3. Get organised. Stop procrastinating. Remember important birthdays. Buy a diary, it might help.

4. Take up a new hobby. Learn chinese. Start going to those yoga classes that you sign up to at the gym each week but end up finding something better easier to do. Learn to play the ukelele.

5. Get fit. Go to the gym more; for most of us that means actually going to the gym. Run to work. Replace walking with skipping.

6. Help others. Donate to charity. Support Team Hannah. Adopt a hedgehog. Do the washing up every now and then.

7. Wake up earlier. Repeat after me: you are over that daily battle with the snooze button. You will conquer it. You will be victorious. Good luck.

8. Read more books. Newspapers also count, it’s important to keep up with current affairs, ya know. Magazines provide a wealth of essential information too. Watching film adaptations of classic novels doesn’t count as reading… does it?

9. Make an effort with people. Be nice. Especially to friends, family and siblings.

10. Stop making promises you can’t/won’t keep.