Feature: Ode to Butter, A Poem by Jennifer Cannon

Blissful.  Beautiful.  Brilliant.  Butter.

High atop Keller’s Peak
inside the cozy Hotel Bar,
I spied from afar-
browned, creamy,
softened beauty compounded by brilliance
glowing amber by the light of the flickering fire…
Insides melted, knees weak,
How could my love be clarified?
The Land O’ Lakes seemed the
Perfect place to whip Plugra-licious passion
Blissful, butter colored memories, a hint of salt from the sea
All coming back to me,
like the warm breeze off the Grassland…

Say Hello To Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer is a freelance writer and owner of JenCann Productions.  She is passionate about encouraging, promoting and supporting fellow entrepreneurs one word at a time! Self-proclaimed foodie, friend, traveler, connector and lover of people & music- Jennifer lives in Southern New Jersey, USA with her husband and is the proud mom of one son and two daughters.

Jennifer blogs at www.welladjustedorsotheysay.blogspot.com and offers professional writing services athttp://www.jencannpro.com