Top Ten: Feel Good Adverts

“Adverts… AGAIN?” Grrrrrrrr.

Yes, we complain about the frequency and quantity of adverts on telly nowadays and how annoying they are. Whether you love them or hate them, adverts are here to stay. On the bright side, there are some pretty incredible visual advertising campaigns out there that have the ability to paint smiles onto our faces, tickle our sense of humour and make us feel all glowy inside. Think 2011 John Lewis Advert for Christmas. Solid, feel-good gold.

So, for some more lovely jubbly, life’s good TV joy, here is a collection of the best feel good adverts to be found. If there are any gems that have been left out, share the love and add the links at the bottom of this post. Enjoy.

Feel Good Adverts

1. Thompson ‘It’s Time for a Holiday’ (2011)

Life is for living. Life is for the moments.

2. BBC ‘What A Wonderful World’ (2011)

Louis Armstrong and David Attenborough… the ultimate treat. Not to mention our favourite wildlife shots from Frozen Planet. Makes us feel all melty and happy with the world.

3. T Mobile ‘Life’s for Sharing’ (2009)

Flash-mob genius.

4. Coca Cola ‘Diet Coke O’Clock’ (1996)

One for the girls. No comment necessary.

5. Honda ‘The Impossible Dream II’ (2010)

YES. YOU CAN. Super powered inspiration for those moments of doubt.

6. John West Salmon ‘Bear Fight’ (2006)

Ridiculous. Hilarious. Brilliant.

7. Sony Bravia ‘Bouncy Balls’ (2006)

Seriously beautiful. Live life to the full. Live life in colour.

8. Carling ‘You Know Who Your Mates Are’ (2008)

Male solidarity. Makes you want to man hug.

9. Skoda ‘The Baking of Fabia’ (2007)

A few of our favourite things. If only…

10. Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ (2007)

Simply the best. A glass and a half full production.